Amy E. Davis, Esq.

I am a trial lawyer in practice for nearly 25 years. I have worked with many experts during this time. I recently worked with Dr. Patel on a complicated medical device product liability case in which I represented the plaintiff. Dr. Patel conducted the most thorough literature research of any expert I have ever retained. He also took a lot of time and care to fully understand the procedure, the mechanism of injury and how/why the device was unreasonably dangerous. His report was flawless and covered all bases. He did well in his deposition. And he was as all expert should be—a helpful guide for me and my client without being an advocate. I highly recommend him as both an expert and as a plastic surgeon.

Adam Friedman

Dr. Patel was great. He took his time, interacted with my son with ease and gave easy to understand information. I highly recommend Dr Patel as a surgeon and MD.

Honora Foah

Like a lot of people, I was taken by surprise when a routine visit to the dermatologist turned up skin cancer. Suddenly, you have to concentrate on on a slew of important decisions that ten minutes ago, you knew nothing about. My basal cell carcinoma is not life-threatening but it happens to be right on my nose on top of the bony bridge. This is maybe an inch from my brain as well as in the center of my face, which now needs to have a piece taken out of it. Not the look I’m going for.

Dr Patel has taken a lot of time to explain, tell me what my alternatives are and give advice. Though it might be more fun to have a facelift, (😇) my goal right now is to have a reasonable looking nose. First Mohs surgery and then reconstructive plastic. Dr Patel has given me a way to understand what’s going on, why each element of the process is part of it, how to think about the whole process and what criteria to use for making decisions. He’s brought in all kinds of things I knew nothing about.

My point is that when you get socked with something that is going to have consequences, it’s so important to have a steady, intelligent, knowledgeable, careful expert at your side. That takes more than knowledge, it takes time and willingness. I’m very grateful that I don’t have to stumble around on google reading all kinds of things that may or may not apply to me. I actually did find what seemed to be an alternative to the Mohs surgery and again Dr Patel took the time to explain why he didn’t think I was a good candidate. If he hadn’t, I would have used up energy fretting and researching something that isn’t relevant for me. I need that energy for healing and living. He used his time and energy to help me conserve mine. I’m very grateful for a knowledgeable doctor who is also a caring human being.

Latosha Pearson

As a RN diagnosed w/ stage 3 breast cancer, I have had an incredible experience with Dr. Patel. His expertise and skill are evident from the first consultation. He always takes time to listen to me and address any questions I have. He and Erica (office manager) provide outstanding care and support throughout the entire process. They truly care about their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Patel for any plastic surgery needs based on his skills alone, but especially for breast cancer reconstruction because of his compassion and concern during the recovery process.

Vince Shah

I got a skin contusion/mole removed…. Great experience…staff is friendly and engaging…. Dr. Patel is knowledgeable and clear on expectations and follow-up…. one of my expectation of doctors offices is punctuality and I never had to wait…. that’s the reason for the appointment


Dr. Patel was very informative. A very professional atmosphere. My daughter was very fearful to have injury assessed but felt comfortable immediately.

Laura Davidson

I had a great experience with Dr. Patel and his staff. He is knowledgeable, skilled and very personable. I didn’t feel pressured to do anything more than what I had asked for and he was very honest with his recommendations for me. I highly recommend his practice!

Gator Duran

It was the most amazing experience ever! The surgeon was phenomenal as was the Office Manager. I was so highly impressed with this Clinic. I would highly recommend it to everybody! If you need a plastic surgeon there isn’t anyone you need but Dr. Patel!


Dr. Patel and his wife Erica went above and beyond for my boyfriend! They were very accommodating and helpful! They made sure I knew exactly what needed to be done on each of our visits! Totally recommend!!!

Pratima Patel

I had a wonderful experience at Patel Plastic Surgery. I needed a mole removed. The doctor explained in detail about the procedure and answered all the questions I had about the procedure including taking care of the scar. The doctor and staff scheduled me for office surgery within days. The whole process of evaluation and surgery went very well. I am so happy for the doctor Patel’s professional care and expertise.

Ebony Connor

What can I say about Dr Patel and Patel Plastic Surgery – if you are in need of surgery either for sensitive medical treatment like cancer related needs or for any personal cosmetic needs, this i where you want to go!

Professional, Highly Skilled and Thorough, Compassionate and motivated to ensure each individual patient feels absolutely cared for.

Dr. Patel, Erica the Office Manager and staff went above and beyond for me and my family care team. Dr. Patel is also mentoring the next generation of Surgeons to continue these high standards of care, creating a real legacy.

Give them a call, set up a consultation, you won’t regret it.

I Thank you Patel Plastic Surgery, my whole family thanks you. Wishing you and yours all the best.

Scott Fairman

Dr. Nirav Patel has a beautiful office. Erica is amazing at getting patients in for procedures and making you feel at home.

Dr. Patel is a highly trained and skilled surgeon and truly puts his patients first. His bedside manner is amazing and he takes his time to help you understand exactly what he is going to do.

If he doesn’t feel like a certain procedure will be best for you he will also walk you through the “WHY”! If there is an alternative that may be a better option for you he will lay that out in a way you can completely understand.

Thank you both for putting the patient
first to have the best possible outcome!

Ms. O M

My experience with Patel Plastic Surgery has been excellent. From day one I was treated with respect and compassion. My questions were answered and Dr. Patel took his time explaining my procedure, expectations, and healing process. Erica was always available to answer questions whenever I reached out. My surgery went smoothly and my healing has been smooth sailing. Dr. Patel is a very skilled surgeon and I wholeheartedly recommend his practice.

Burnetta Griffin

We couldn’t be more pleased when it came to Dr. Patel and his staff taking care of my son’s needs. The smile on my son’s face afterwards was priceless!

Rebecca Ramdass

I had a breast reduction done with Dr. Patel and I wish I could give him more than a 5 star rating. He is very thorough and organized. Immediately after having my consultation I knew I didn’t need to look any further to find a plastic surgeon. He went into a very step-by-step detail of how the process would go, and explained any possible negative outcomes that could happen. I am almost 2 weeks post-op from my breast reduction and I am 100% satisfied with my results and the care I have received thus far from Dr. Patel and Erica, she is also very kind and I love how they have a very organized system set up in place. Thank you so much for everything!!

Brandon Lane

I had a Sebaceous cyst taken out of my right thigh and Dr. Patel did an awesome job, I felt very comfortable the whole time from start to finish. They took care of me like family.

Orion Stapler

I went to Dr. Patel seeking a breast reduction back in January! I started with my consultation, and immediately felt like all my needs were met with him and his wife Erica. They made me feel safe, heard, and understood. I’m so thankful that I chose them! I’m two weeks post op, and can confidently say I have had nothing but good experiences with them, and am so pleased with my outcome!

Neil Shah

I’ve known Dr. Patel for well over 20 years and have consulted extensively with him on a wide array of procedures regarding my own septoplasty to a relative’s facelift. He is knowledgeable in all areas of surgery and always honest with expectations. I’d highly recommend Dr. Patel for all plastic surgery needs as he is highly skilled and addresses his patients concerns in a timely manner.

Greg Bunting

When I sliced open my finger last year, Dr Patel gave me wound care advice after determining my finger did not need suturing. I appreciated his honesty about my situation and the extra time he took to explain how to care for my injury. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for a plastic surgeon who will go the extra mile even with something minor.

Marie Joseph

I was in a car accident when I was transported to the hospital and Dr. Patel had to do an emergency surgery. It was a very complicated one. Facial reconstruction that lasted 9 hours (6 months later, no one can tell). He takes time to explain to my worried 15 & 17 years old what was going on which calm them. After discharge, I followed up with his practices. He was very attentive to my other complicated health issues and told me all my options. I am fine now. I am writing this as a small token of appreciation for the quality care he provided. His staff is amazing as well.

Dahlan Roberto Leide Foah

I discussed a possible blepharoplasty to address my excess eyelid skin (dermatochalasis). Dr. Nirav Patel’s consultation helped me heal and recover safely. Excess skin is called dermatochalasis. When you have a truly ‘droopy’ eyelid (where the last line drops at or below the level of the pupil), that’s called ‘blepharoptosis’ or just ‘ptosis’. I believe I had a true ptosis on the Left eye, and definitely had dermatochalasis, which is why I had skin removed, which has the effect of “brightening my eyes” or giving one a more refreshed look.

Dr. Patel not only helped me with all the information I felt I would ever need for the procedure, but he also followed up with me weekly, for several weeks.

He is an amazing, talented, knowledgeable and kind doctor and person. It is truly an honor to know him.

Ms. O M

Dr. Patel is a very caring, kind, and effective surgeon. He spent time consulting with me on every step of my care. His office is warm and welcoming , and his staff is extremely supportive.

Amanda Zhang

I first met Dr. Patel nearly 2 years ago after hearing him play the cello at an orchestra concert. At the time, I remember being amazed, not only by his knowledge and talent, but in particular by how personable he is with everyone. As a prospective healthcare professional, he offered me an internship opportunity and I was absolutely thrilled to see the ins and outs of Patel Plastic Surgery! All of the patients I met were very happy to have Dr. Patel walk them through their treatment plans and answer any of their questions or concerns. He always wants to help people understand what these different procedures are and what to expect before and after treatment so that there is no anxiety surrounding any confusing medical terminology or course of action. In addition to being an excellent, Grade A and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Patel always takes extra care to reassure his patients when the going gets tough. His motto is to treat every person as if they were his own family in their shoes. I have not met a more compassionate and committed physician.

Dr. Patel also went above and beyond to serve as an extraordinary mentor for me on top of his busy schedule, and never sacrificed a minute to compromise his work or his teaching! Dr. Patel continued to keep in touch and support me the last 2 years while I went through the grueling admissions process for PT school. I was recently offered acceptances to many amazing programs including my top choice! Without his patience and his guidance, I would not have had the confidence to achieve my own dreams and successes. I’m incredibly thankful for Dr. Patel, Erica, and his entire practice for all of the care that they give to people!

Judy Davis

I highly recommend Dr. Patel for your plastic surgery. He recently did a breast scar revision surgery for me and I am so pleased with the outcome and care I received. He was attentive to my questions, even giving me his personal contact information when he was out of town following my surgery. His staff is also very caring and professional and I will refer any of my friends to this practice.

April Peters

Dr Patel was one of the best doctors I’ve ever had! He is genuine and down to earth in his approach to relationships with his patients. I had a massive Lipoma on my back for 10 yrs. and was terrified of the surgery for no reason. The surgery was not complicated, and scarring was minimal for such a large area with removal. If you have any size Lipoma, please get it removed and choose his practice for quality service.

Lena Williams

Dr.Patel made me feel very special from day one. Dr patel explained my procedure step by step. Any concerns or questions that I had was answered.. A Christian that prayed with me and for me.

Pamela Fry

Dr. Patel removed a lipoma from my shoulder recently, and I highly recommend him! He followed up that evening to make sure I was doing well. When he couldn’t reach me, he called my husband also. He is very personable every step of the way, and his wife is so efficient in assisting him and running their office. They made a scary and dreaded experience turn out to be quite pleasant :} If I ever have a need for plastic surgery again, without a doubt will be at with them!

Robin Amari

Dr. Patel is an amazing surgeon! He performed my breast augmentation and I’m in love with the results. He is kind, professional, and answers questions precisely and with care. I highly recommend his office for anyone looking for breast work. His wife Erica is also great she’s the office manager and has been so gracious with every interaction I have had with her from my first visit up until my surgery. Once again please see him for all your cosmetic needs you will be impressed. 🙂

Ari Saxena

I worked as an intern with Dr. Patel during the summer and fall of 2022. He is truly the best mentor I have had the pleasure of learning under. During my time with Dr. Patel and Erica, I learned lots about operating a private practice and the patient care that comes with it. Dr. Patel takes the time out of his day to learn about the patient to make them feel comfortable during their visit. Shadowing him, I was astonished at how good he was at connecting with patients. He was never anything less than professional, and his demeanor in the office inspired me to one day be as successful as him. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional cosmetic surgery as I know I’d be placing them in excellent hands!

Carrie Bloedorn

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Patel. He is very patient and kind and explains everything in depth while taking his time with you. you feel very important and well taken care of here and Im very happy with the results of my eye lid surgery for removal of skin tags and cyst.

Hassan Jahanmiry

I first met Dr. Patel and his beautiful wife Erica over the phone while he was taken care of and fixed a major issue and mistake done by another surgeon. Not only he fixed the problem that could have killed my wife, him and Erica truly care for both us understanding the emotional pain we were both going through. Dr. Patel is a real human being who simply cares. Him and his staff are amazingly suited for the practice.
Thank Dr. Patel and Erica for everything. I wish you and your firm the best life has to offer.

Max Jahan-Miry

Andy Lee

Very knowledgeable and relatable. Dr Patel did my surgery to remove a growth quickly. Everyone there was nice and will welcome you with open arms.

Tara Temple

If I could give a thousand stars, I would. There are not enough words that I can say of how much I love Dr. Patel and Erica. I have worked with Oncology patients for 23 years but when I became an Oncology patient myself, I was faced with all the fear and tough decisions that have to be made quickly in the sudden war with cancer to stop it in its tracks. From my initial consultation, thru each of four surgeries, Dr.Patel’s perfectionism, attention to even the smallest detail, his care and concern of my healing process are just a few things that I admire about him. Erica was so proactive in getting insurance verifications done, assisting Dr. Patel in his follow up exams and her caring heart to see me finish my journey, they are truly a power team. I couldn’t recommend any person facing mastectomy with reconstruction to any other plastic surgeon. Patel Plastic Surgery is the only one I will ever recommend to anyone. You will not be displeased with them, even if considering elective plastic surgery.

Arshaan Hisamuddin

I had the privilege of having Dr. Patel as a mentor this past summer. With his expertise in plastic surgery, utmost regard for patient satisfaction, and genuine desire to provide care to the East Cobb community, I would highly recommend Dr. Patel.

From the moment I stepped into his clinic, I was impressed by Dr. Patel’s “down-to-earth” attitude towards patients. He made sure to properly explain and define medical concepts to help patients understand their conditions and treatments.

Dr. Patel and his wife/practice manager Erica have provided me an invaluable amount of mentorship and I am forever thankful for the opportunity to learn from them!

Geoffrey O. McFarlane, Esq.

In addition to being one of the finest people I know, Dr. Patel is a remarkable practitioner of medicine and excels in not only his technical skill, but the softer skills such as a fine bedside manner. I trust him implicitly and recommend him wholeheartedly.

Reid Lawson

Dr Patel has been taking care of an open wound to my wife’s back. This wound was caused by orthopedic metal rods in her back that came through her skin. Dr Patel went above and beyond, by coming to Northside Cherokee every day, 7 days a week to change her dressings and check on my wife for 6-8 weeks! I would recommend Dr Patel for any surgery or treatment with 100% confidence that he would treat all his patients with the same courtesy and expertise.

Meghan Thurmond

I first met Dr. Patel in 2019, when he was at his previous practice in Marietta. I was really nervous about getting plastic surgery. I knew that physically, mentally and emotionally I needed the surgery, but I was really nervous. From the time I was in middle school, I was the one with the largest breasts. I was in constant pain and was always made fun of. As I got older, had a child, weight loss issues, my breast size never changed and the pain got worse. I could never go without wearing a bra and it always so uncomfortable.
My self-esteem was so low, I barely wanted to go anywhere, especially during the summer months, because I wouldn’t be able to just wear a bralette and a cute top without looking like a crazy person. No matter what I wore, my breasts were the first thing you would notice about me. Once I met with Dr. Patel, and we were able to figure out all of the financial stuff, He had me at ease and I knew I would be in great hands! I had just recently got engaged and my wedding date was in November 2020. My surgery was set for February 2020, just before the Pandemic was announced in the US. I had a tougher recovery because of the shut down. During the shut down, Dr. Patel kept in touch with me through text and phone calls to make sure I was doing ok. I had a great support system. My wedding went off without a hitch (surprisingly, despite the pandemic), and I felt amazing in my dress! The best part was that I didn’t have to wear a bra!
It is a rare thing to need a second surgery but I was one of the lucky ones that did. Once it became apparent that I would need a second procedure, Dr. Patel was now at his own practice and was there for me once again! He made sure I had everything I needed and made the second surgery go as smooth as the first one. I just had my last post-op last week and although I am happy to be done with the process, I will miss getting to visit with him and his lovely wife who works with him too!

Kay Ramsey

I was very pleased with my eye surgery of my fractured socket, and I have had a complete recovery thanks to Dr. Patel and his assistant. I highly recommend this practice.

Samay Shah

Dr. Patel is a very kind and patient man. I interned at his office for a week and he took great pains to teach me as much as he could about the process of being a plastic surgeon, the finances behind running a practice, and even how to suture a wound. I even got to witness his patient care, and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for reconstructive or cosmetic care.

Tife Abimbola

Both Dr Patel and Erica were amazing! They were very accommodating with my schedule and love the results!

Papi 1

A year ago I broke my jaw while mountain biking. The emergency room doctors referred me to Dr. Nirav Patel for jaw surgery.

When I looked up the Dr’s office for directions, I noticed he is a plastic surgeon. I thought that plastic surgeons are to make someone look good and not to fix broken bones. So I was very skeptical about him while driving to his hospital.

He studied my xrays and mri scans. He showed me where my jaw was broken. Then explained what my options are. He used simple language that I could understand but at the same time relate them to the corresponding medical terms used in my paperwork. He described the various muscles that are around that broken area and how they control various parts of my face. It was very clear to me that it’s super risky to perform a surgery in that area. He recommended another option to align the broken jaw and immobilize my jaw. He and his wife went thru what follows next and what’s expected of me.

After that visit I felt very comfortable with the approach and understood what to expect next. I quickly went thru the first surgery. He made time for every one of my questions. I felt like they cared for how I am doing. I had regular visits with the doctor. They monitored my weight and advised me on choosing the right diet. The staff at the hospital where the surgery was performed spoke very highly of Dr. Patel prior to my surgery. That gave me extra comfort that I am in capable hands.

After my second surgery as soon as I regained consciousness my first thought was my jaws and teeth are aligned! That was a massive relief. He brushed my teeth after the surgery… he dint have to. He explained that the recovery has just begun and will take a couple of months. He also encouraged me to have my dentist check everything was ok. I did and the dentist checked and cleared that everything is good. While I was able to open my mouth, eat soft foods and drink, I wasn’t able to open my mouth wide. He explained that it would take a couple of months for me to be able to open my mouth/jaw wide.

It took me about 8 more months to finally be able to fully open my jaw and fit three fingers. I am very thankful to Dr. Patel.. I can finally bite into an apple and take a big chunk out. It feels great to be back to normal.

I would very much recommend Dr. Patel. He did a great job in my case and thanks to him I don’t even feel like I had a broken jaw a year ago.

Kelly Bunting

I have had Botox several times from different plastic surgeons over the years. Dr. Patel is fantastic. He was thorough with his questions to find exactly what kind of results I was looking to accomplish. Dr. Patel had suggestions for my eye area, which I appreciated. His injections were quick with minimal discomfort. I enjoyed the whole experience. His staff is just delightful. Warm and engaging. I felt so comfortable. I will definitely use him again and look forward to what other little fixes I can use!!!

Yasmary Romero

My experience with Dr. Patel was my breast cancer, my entire process was very well attended to by him and his entire team. happy because they placed my prosthetics and I went back to doing the same one as before. grateful for all your support with me and that everything was a success

Jeff Roberts

Dr. Patel and his staff were awesome!! Dr. Patel spent a great deal of time explaining what could and couldn’t be done. He shared MRI’s, explaining in great detail the situation. In the end it was decided to hold off on plastic surgery. That it would be best to let this heal on its own (broken nose). He knew every detail of evey picture, scan and precise details of my emergency room visit. It was clear he took a great deal of his time to analyze the situation carefully before presenting the options. I feel really good about his advise and the method of treatment we have chosen. He went above and beyond to help me make a sound decision.

Cynthia MCDOLE
Thank you Dr. Patel and Amazing team for All of your help! Continuous Blessings to you and Your Family!
Liam and Jacobs Madden

I have to say when I first found out I had to have a double mastectomy it was scary but after going through all of it I had the best surgeon ever he took very good care of me and always eased my concerns which were not many thankful for him and his sweet wife for all that they have done for me and very pleased with the outcome thank you Dr. Patel and Erica. Best surgeon ever.

Beth McCue
I highly recommend Dr Patel and his staff too. They were very friendly and easy to talk to. I had 2 earlobes repaired by Dr Patel and he explained every step of the surgery so that I knew exactly what was happening next! He numbed the area very well.
I think the type of stitches he used were mainly so that it healed well, it was perfect!! A special cream to put on each day after stitches was included and it will prevent any scarring.
I think Dr Patel is an excellent surgeon who also has an excellent “Bedside Manner” !!!!!!
Isha Patel

My experience with Dr Patel was just great from initial consultation of my breast reduction, the surgery, post-op follow- ups to today. I am very happy with the outcome and can hardly see any scars. As a result, I am going to have another procedure carried out by him- different part of my body.

Ritika Vakharia

As a former intern at PPS, I can say from experience that this experience was truly one of the most impactful internships I have ever had. Dr. Patel took time out of his busy schedule to ensure I learned the most during my short time at the office. I would personally recommend any of my family/friends that ever needed plastic surgery to go to Dr. Patel!

Risha Hegde

I had the most enriching experience interning at Patel Plastic Surgery this summer. As soon as I started, the warmth and professionalism at the office set the tone for my entire experience.

The team that comprises Patel Plastic Surgery is absolutely outstanding. Dr. Patel’s willingness to impart his extensive knowledge was inspiring. He generously shared insights into various topics and provided a glimpse into the life of a skilled surgeon. Additionally, Mrs. Erica Patel’s mentorship was valuable, as she graciously answered my numerous questions about Patel Plastic Surgery. The dedication of both Dr. Patel and Mrs. Patel to passing on their wealth of knowledge and experience was incredible to me.

The aspect that truly impressed me was the commitment to patient well-being that I observed during my time here. The emphasis on personalized treatment and interactions with patients made me realize the profound impact that quality healthcare, like Dr. Patel’s practice, can have on patient lives.

My internship at Patel Plastic Surgery has been transformative and unlike other experiences. My interest for the medical field has been solidified and I have been given a unique perspective on the intricate world of plastic surgery. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Dr. Patel and Patel Plastic Surgery as a whole.

I wholeheartedly recommend Patel Plastic Surgery to anyone looking for exceptional care, as the dedication and commitment to patient care exemplified by this practice are truly invaluable.

Latriss King

Dr. Patel performed my breast reduction and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The pain on my shoulders and neck was more than I could bear and becoming a nuisance. I could never go without having to wear a bra and was very uncomfortable. Once I scheduled the consultation with Dr. Patel, he was able to get my procedure completely covered by my insurance! He is a very well gifted surgeon that will answer every question you may have. I highly recommend him. He rarely sat behind his desk during appointments but would pull up a chair beside you to answer any questions or to go over the procedure. He and his wife Erika are so personable and understanding. They were able to relax my nerves prior to the surgery. The evening of my surgery they contacted me to see how I was doing and to make sure that I follow the post surgery procedure for a healthy recovery. Ladies if you are looking for a highly skilled, board certified surgeon to perform your reduction, look no further because Dr. Patel is for you!

Andrea Lowe 

Dr Patel is a great physician, he listens attentively to your ideas and helps you determine the best path for you individually through your breast cancer journey. Dr Patel took care of my scars after bilateral mastectomies, he walks you through every step along the way for the best outcomes. Three months and nine months later Dr Patel performed bilateral fat injections with liposuction, to fill in my chest wall that was sunk in from mastectomies. Dr Patel has been awesome and he always takes as much time for your appointments as needed. Erica has been great helps Dr Patel with anything he needs. This is definitely the best Surgeons office that I have ever encountered. He is truly concerned with your well being and gets to know your family as well. I completely trust him and he is the best! There is no need to look any further for a plastic surgeon because you have found him!

Bernard Johnson

As an OR sales consultant, I have had the unique opportunity of observing Dr. Patel in the operating room during facial fracture procedures and his skills and expertise are nothing short of remarkable. His ability to meticulously address facial fractures and restore both function and aesthetics is truly commendable. I’ve seen firsthand the precision with which he approaches each case, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his patients during their journey.

I’ve also witnessed countless success stories and I’m proud to be associated with his practice that consistently deliver outstanding care and results under his leadership.

Nan Con

I found Dr. Patel friendly, professional, and very helpful.

Stacey Lopez

Great place.

Raymond M. Schlather, Esq.

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Patel as an expert witness.  He was responsive, thorough, smart, independent and reasonable.  He is a consummate professional whose services I strongly recommend.

C Amy

Dr. Patel explained everything to me in a very clear manner and was also kind and friendly. All of the staff was great – they were helpful, super patient and helped with my knee wound.

Paul Dillon

Best hands you could ask for. Family operation with a real family feel. Dr Patel is very patient, thorough, and clear with his explanations and his procedure at an unparalleled level in today’s medical services. All in all it was a wonderful experience for me and I could not recommend him any higher!

Gabriel Ascoli

Dr. Patel is one of the most incredible doctors I have ever met. I had the distinct pleasure of interning with him while staying with him and his family, and I cannot recommend him enough for anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon in the area.
I’ve watched him interact with dozens of patients, and every time his kindness, care for their well-being, friendliness, and wealth of knowledge becomes imminently clear.
He addresses any fears or questions a patient has, while explaining medical procedures in a way that’s easy to understand. He’ll speak to you directly and frankly, and make sure you know all of your options. His philosophy is to treat his patients like his family, and that’s exactly what he does. He’s warm, funny, knowledgeable, and exceptionally skilled.
He’s also an incredible mentor. He often spends valuable time teaching his mentees, explaining important medical concepts and preparing them for future careers in medicine. I hope to one day be as great a physician as he is.
Erica Patel, his wife and practice manager, is equally incredible. She will make you feel comfortable and cared for. She is helpful and friendly, and incredibly efficient and organized.
Together, they form a tight knit and efficient practice that makes you feel right at home. I would recommend Patel Plastic surgery to anyone I know. I encourage you to choose them for your plastic surgery, you will not regret it. Thank you Dr. Patel and Erica!

Kathy Foley

Excellent experience-office staff is pleasant and efficient. Dr Patel begins with a consultation; he asked my concerns, examined me, then provided his recommendations. He answered all of my questions. No pressure at all! His staff reviewed the costs with me. Dr Patel is very knowledgeable-he explained step by step what he was doing and why. I highly recommend this practice.

Heather Miller

Dr. Nirav Patel and his team are truly exceptional! The level of patient care and dedication to personalizing your experience is superior at this practice. Dr. Nirav Patel guides you through the process, ensuring you are comfortable, and he is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking to enhance their beauty and boost their confidence.

Barry Rinehart

Dr Patel and Erica are fantastic. They addressed my needs and concerns at every step of the process. Very professional, competent and skilled. I highly recommend!

Jessica Andrade

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Patel and his staff. I went to him for a mommy makeover consultation and he noticed a cyst that has been bugging me since High School. No other doctor ever thought it was a big deal and none would remove it even though it bothered me. Dr. Patel removed the cyst right there in his office! I also got Botox and facial fillers for the first time and I am loving the results! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Patel enthusiastically! If I could give more than 5 stars, I definitely would!

Hannah Bollé

After having two children and moving to the United States I wanted to find a surgeon to complete my breast argumentation. I had several consultations and found Dr Patel. Dr Patel made me feel confident in his ability and professionalism. He is very personable which makes you feel as though you are not just another person. Dr Patel listened intently and preformed my surgery without any issues. I could not be happier! My breast augmentation is flawless. I’m thrilled with my natural looking breast augmentation results, with excellent breast shape, size and much improved symmetry.
Thank you again to Dr Patel and Erica for making this whole process easy and enjoyable.

Danny Camp

Dr.Patel was part of a team of surgeons who performed my last surgery. He is an excellent surgeon and paid close attention during my healing process. His background is tremendous,too. Every post-op visit was like visiting family with him and Erica. And, most doctors rush through appointments. He doesn’t and he thoroughly explained everything before and after surgery. If I could give them a million stars, I would!

A Ch

I interned with Dr. Patel in January, and it was the most I’ve ever learned in such a short time. He not only taught me about medicine and surgery, but also practical things, like running a private clinic and dealing with insurance. He and his wife/practice manager, Mrs. Patel, treat patients with so patience and kindness it is astounding. He takes time to listen to questions and answers every single one of them. Not only that, he also takes time out of his day to teach his interns too, and for that I’m forever grateful. My experience with him has really cemented my choice to go into the medical field, and I’m so glad that I chose to intern with him!!

Jessica McMaster

It was nothing short of a miracle

I was in a car wreck in September 2021. I crashed into a tree. The first thing I heard was “Is she dead?” I sustained several serious injuries. I realized that one breast was almost black and at least 3 times the size of my other. I had a large hematoma. For months I had to have blood removed from my breast, but it seemed to never get smaller. Finally, I was referred to Dr.Patel.

I spoke with Erica first. I was crying quite easily and honestly scared to death. She must have heard or noticed my emotional state. She was so kind and helpful. I drove her crazy I am sure with my calls before my appointment.

At my first appointment all of the regular information. Then photos. Still lopsided and bruised I was embarrassed and she helped me get through them all. Then Dr. Patel came in to examine me. I think I shook the entire time. He put me at ease. calmly discussing what he thought should be my treatment plan. He recognized another issue nd said it would be part of the removal/reduction. He took so much time, I felt like the only patient and a bit of a pest, but Dr.Patel had answers for everything. I knew at that appointment that this doctor cared and made sure all of my questions were answered.

Surgery was first. I received instructions for when I went home. I had 2 drains that my husband helped with. Regardless I called or texted Erica several times. I was in pain and again they listened and had answers for me.

Once I was able to take off my bandages I was shocked. Though I was swollen I knew my breasts were going to be amazing. This man had removed the source of so much pain and problems with the hematoma. I can’t recall the size, it was huge to me and I was glad it was gone.

I continued follow up appointments . He made me whole and I hadn’t been for months. At this point, all has healed and the scar lotion is awesome. I actually think I look better than before the wreck. Dr.Patel is not only thorough, his surgical talent is art. He should be first on any list of Plastic Surgeons. I am confident when I say he is a gifted and knowledgeable surgeon. I never have had such amazing care. Dr.Patel and Erica helped put me back together. I am forever in their debt. Truly a miracle for me.

Randall Pearson

I wanted to thank you in writing for your skillful removal of my cysts and taking the precaution of sending them out for any signs of cancer. My wife can vouch for there being no trace of them left to see and I am thrilled since there is no trace of them left to feel. I am truly grateful to have them gone. You made the whole process so easy and informative it started me thinking of other things I’d like to do to take some of the age out of getting older. (It’s given my wife some ideas too.)

Natia Samkharadze
If you’re looking for a passionate, caring and professional doctor, Dr. Patel is the one. I’ve had the best experience from first appointment on. Can’t leave out Erica, the office manager and your person to go throughout the whole process. Every time you interact with dr. Patel and his office, it’s a feeling of a family and you’re part of it. Oh, and the results are what I wished for.
Thank you dr. Patel for everything.

Dr Patel has an excellent bedside manner. He explains everything in detail so that you know exactly what to expect from your treatment, surgery and medication prescribed. He makes himself available for you after surgery in case you have any questions or concerns. He and his wife treat you like family. I would recommend him to anyone that needs or wants any type of plastic surgery. He goes above and beyond what I have experienced with other doctors.

Nancy J Emmons

Dr. Nirav B. Patel is one of the most comprehensive and thorough doctors I have ever seen. I had a bad fall with total facial bruising and a large hematoma over one eye. Dr. Patel went over everything in my charts from two visits to the ER and one visit to Urgent Care. He explained everything about my condition in great detail and with a compassion that I have rarely seen among doctors. I understood his highly intelligent presentation of my diagnosis, along withhis wise suggestions for my treatment. I plan to follow his sage advice for my healing process. He is very intelligent and compassionate. He really knows how to take care of his patients. I felt like he understood what I was going through with my traumatic injury and sincerely wanted to help me recover. Wonderful doctor!

N Hansen

I went to Dr. Patel for a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck or a “mommy makeover”. I am quite simply, thrilled with my results. From the consultation to post operation appointments I have known what to expect and given detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Dr. Patel and Erica are always available to answer questions. They have the ability to make you feel as though you are their only patient. It was obvious that my care and safety going into surgery and after was/is top priority. Dr. Patel called me the evening of my surgery to check up on me and make sure I was doing well. During my consultation Dr. Patel really listened to me about what I was wanting for my end results. My results are even better than I imagined. Tummy tuck scars aren’t pretty but after only 8 weeks my scar looks so much better than pictures I’ve seen of others whose scars are months old. He was able to remove most of my stretch marks and even out my uneven breasts by using different size implants. It’s wonderful to have symmetry and be able to wear tops with confidence. If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon who will do what is best for you, then Dr. Patel is it. I really cannot recommend him enough.

Sylvia Hayes

I was referred to Dr Patel not having a clue on the journey I was beginning to take February 2022 nor how it was going to turn out the train got to rolling and it was full steam ahead. I had a Double Mastectomy with Reconstructive Surgery at the same time. I quickly Googled to see if that was what was supposed to happen.

Dr. Patel and his Office Manager Mrs. Erica Patel was the only people I saw on my appointments, my thoughts were does he have any other patients. I quickly found out he was in demand and now I know why.

Dr. Patel doesn’t play the radio when it comes to his patients, he is very thorough and is going to make sure that you understand everything that’s going to happen, is getting ready to happen and how it should happen as well as everyone else that’s involved he dots his i’s and crosses his t’s everyone knows that.

I must say I feel like I am part of the family that is how he took care of me. My surgery was July 13th 2022 with my permanent implants being put in November 2022, to this day I have not experienced any pain from my Double Mastectomy with Reconstructive surgery. The incision was made so that wearing clothing or swimming suits you would not even know I had the procedure he is an Artist and I was his canvas.

Dr. Patel is very accessible and he lets you know ahead of time what to expect and what’s going to happen so you won’t feel lost and you can ask him anything. Dr. Patel is always educating hisself. It is a marriage that I’m glad Jehovah put together Dr Patel and Mrs. Erica will be a part of my life for the rest of my life they have made a mark on me that I will never forget.

If you want to surprise Dr. Patel he LOVES Golden Krust Jamaica Beef Patties all of them.

Captain Caleb

Wonderful place, lovely people, I felt much better knowing I had them by my side to take care of my needs<3

Pat Ferguson

The doctor and his staff were very knowledgeable and very supportable. Made you very comfortable . would highly recommend DR. Patel

Chris S.

I had a Mohs procedure done to my right ear. The wound was too big for the dermatologist to repair, so last minute at the end of the day Dr. Patel was able to get me in to do a skin graft. He was great at explaining the procedure. One year later my ear looks great and I continue to see him for other treatments.

Curtis “Welder Ninja”

Dr. Patel is amazing! He treats you like family. He explains everything clearly so you understand what is happening step by step. He will call and or message you to see how you are doing after the surgery. I’ve been amazed by his expertise and level of care that I have been given that actually was a comfort to me during recovery. I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Patel. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his field. And Erica is incredible with all she does from handling insurance to checking to see how you’re doing. They make a great team! My husband and I love them dearly. Thank you for all that you do. ❤️

Melanie McHugh

Dr. Patel and Erica are simply amazing. Their knowledge and professionalism far exceed others. They make their patients feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. Patel explains things very clearly and precisely. Highly recommend for any procedure you may be considering.

Daniel Kim

I had the privilege of interning with Dr. Patel for 3 weeks in June.

The Patel Plastic Surgery (PPS) team is absolutely amazing! It is clear that Dr. Patel cares about every patient that walks through his doors. He takes time during appointments to thoroughly walk patients through his procedures in a very comprehensible manner. He also answers ALL questions and misconceptions that patients may have so they are never in the dark about their care. In this day and age where there are so many doctors who are always rushing through their patients, it is hard to find a healthcare professional who will truly sit down with you and care for you to this extent. His wife and practice manager, Erica, will also make you feel incredibly cared for. She is so kind, efficient, and receptive to all patient’s needs. Trust me, if you are looking for plastic surgery, you will be in great hands at PPS!

Dr. Patel has also been an incredible mentor. He opened my eyes to aspects of medicine, private practice, surgery, law, and personal finance that I had never thought about before. He has so much knowledge and wisdom to share with his students, and I’m very thankful that he was able to make the time to teach me despite his busy schedule.

Jont’e Davis

Patel Plastic Surgery has become a tremendous pillar within the WellStar family, since Dr. Patel has come abroad we have had such a significant increase in our plastics division and the reviews have been excellent from our patients! I cannot thank them enough for making my job so much easier.

Anfernee Walker

In all my years in the medical field, there have only been a few Doctors that have stood out to me. Doctor Patel is one of the most intelligent and enthusiastic physicians that I know. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Patel a little over three years and I can say that he is one of the most passionate doctors about his work and the well being of his patients. Dr Patel is very attentive and informative when it comes to the knowledge of both surgical and non surgical interventions. He always has a very detailed plan of procedure that meets the specific needs of the patient which is studied and reviewed leading up to operation. Dr Patel always provides me with updates and the welfare of the patients which rarely any other physicians do. Dr Patels surgical skill is beyond superb. As a skilled physician, he is very conscientious not only insuring surgical success but cosmetically appealing. Dr Patel is also very meticulous when it comes to managing post op pain due to intra op blocks (exparell) as he wants the patient a smooth transition through recovery. I am always looking forward to working with Dr Patel!

Brett Matthews Fishing
A few weeks ago, my 21 year old son was in a bad motorcycle accident on GA400. When I arrived at the ER I was shocked at the damage to his face. I wondered what could be done to keep his face from horrible scaring. Within less than a hour Dr. Patel showed up.
We hear often that good bedside manner is missing in the medical world. Not only was Dr. Patel calm and confident, he was so very personable and friendly which calmed our nerves. His bedside manner is incredible. It was amazing to see how Dr. Patel was able to put my son back together in 3 hours time and in just a short few weeks the healing process is amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Patel for any type of plastic surgery you may be needing or considering.
Abby Maneol
Dr. Patel preformed a breast reduction on me last april and I have been extremely pleased with my results. I was only 19 when I got the surgery done and wasn’t the “typical” patient you would think of. I weighed 130 pounds and was pretty much “all boob”. This helped allow me to get my surgery covered on insurance. Since I was a younger age of most patients and different body type I was worried going into it. Erica Patel (Dr. Patels wife) as well as Dr. Patel were amazing through the entire process and always answered my questions very thoughtfully to keep me comfortable. My recovery process was very easy and scarring is very minimal. My case was a little different but I hope you let anyone my age know that Dr. Patel was exceptional in helping me reach my goals and my life will be forever changed. I can’t thank Patel Plastic Surgery enough for all of their help and guidance through this process. Best decision of my life!
Akash Jain

As a former intern for Dr. Patel, I can confidently say that he offers the most premium standard of medical care and attention to each and every patient. Not only did I see him work with patients face to face to provide effective care and treatment, but also I watched him persistently work behind the scenes to determine the best and most viable treatment options for all of his patients. If I ever have any plastic surgery related concerns or needs I will most definitely be going to him.

Patricia Banker

A big thank you to my plastic surgeon Dr. Patel. He followed me through my illness and did surgery when it became necessary. He went out of his way to keep my family informed at every change. Thank you again.

Leah Kent

I highly recommend Patel Plastic Surgery! Dr. Patel did an outstanding job with my Botox treatment. I wanted a natural look and he gave me exactly what I was looking for. He asked many questions to ensure that I had the best results. He also recommended several face creams to use as part of my daily routine to keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh. I’m looking forward to my next visit and other services Dr. Patel and his team can recommend for me.

Peder Sorensen

Great experience at this husband/wife team. Dr. Patel was super professional, courtious, and honest with recommendations/treatments. You can trust this practice and will be impressed.

Sparsh Kumar

I started working with Dr. Patel in the spring of 2022 as he helped me navigate my journey as a pre-medical student. I also worked at his practice this past January as an intern and got more experience with private practice and the inner workings of plastic surgery. Dr. Patel had honestly helped me immensely and I have learned so much from him which has furthered my interest in medicine. Not only this, but both Dr. Patel and Erica welcomed me into their home and made my time in Georgia a memorable one. I would highly recommend Dr. Patel for anyone considering plastic surgery.


I highly recommend Dr. Patel. He is an excellent surgeon and a thoughtful, caring and ethical doctor. I’m very grateful to him. Dr. Patel repaired a problem another surgeon created, which I found out later he has done quite a lot. Repair surgeries require more experience and technical expertise, and also more human reassurance. I had a double mastectomy with direct-to-implants in 2021. My first implants were done by a different plastic surgeon. Despite saying many times pre-surgery that I wanted A cup implants, the same size as my natural breasts, my first plastic surgeon gave me large C cup implants. It was an unethical violation of what we had agreed and against my explicit wishes. The large implants were painful and too heavy for my 5′ 110 lb body. I was in constant pain and withdrew from my normal active, happy life. Dr. Patel is the hero of this story. He removed the heavy implants and gave me the size implants I’d asked for all along. He was clear and honest about what to expect and did a beautiful job. Prior to the surgery, he and his wonderful office manager Erica took a lot of time to go over the options, until I was trusting and comfortable. My pain resolved and I’m back to a happy, healthy life. There are many potential problems with post mastectomy implants which have nothing to do with a surgeon’s skill. But Dr. Patel is also highly ethical and caring, and you can trust that he will do everything possible to give you a successful surgery.

Donald Platzer

For over 2 years, I have had a wound that would never close. No matter what I or my wound care team would do it would not close.. I saw several plastic surgeons, most did not want to do anything. Then I was blessed to find Dr. Patel. and he agreed to try and help. Which I am truly grateful to him and his staff. From the very beginning he has treated me the utmost respect. In fact, Dr. Patel and his staff are some of the most professional, caring and compassionate people I have met in all my years. My surgery happened without issue thanks to Dr. Patel’s tremendous talents. Now, I am well on the road to recovery and getting back to my normal way of life. I will certainly be recommending Dr. Patel to any of my family or friends who may need plastic surgery.Whatever the reason you may need plastic surgery, you cannot go wrong with visiting Dr. Patel he is one of the best plastic surgeons I have ever used and it is very hard to find a doctor that cares as much as him and his team.

Erika Nicholson

Dr Patel and his staff are of the finest! From the first time I walked into their office, they’ve always been welcoming and professional. We have collaborated with him for over a year now and I cannot say enough about his work. It is the best you can find in the Atlanta area!

As a Medical Tattoo Artist, offering 3D Nipple | Areola tattooing, we have seen a-lot of work that is of concern when it comes to breast augmentations, breast reconstruction and breast lifts. Dr. Patel’s work is of a higher caliber, no doubt.

His patients have the most natural looking breasts; even after breast cancer reconstructive surgery! They rave to me about him and how meticulous he is – which is exactly what you want after a mastectomy.

If you are searching for a remarkable plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction, look NO FURTHER than Dr Nirav Patel.

We would be honored to complete his work by giving you beautiful, realistic 3D Nipple | Areola tattooing that will bring closure and wholeness to you.

It’s our honor to collaborate with you Dr Patel. You’re making a huge difference in the lives of your patients.

Beatriz Jaramillo

I am very happy that I chose Dr. Patel to remove a mass that I had on my upper lip. I’m 1000% satisfied with the result and highly recommend him to anyone who needs a plastic surgeon, Erica his manager is very professional and efficient.

Rachael Rozier

I truly enjoy working with Dr. Patel because he genuinely cares for his patients and their surgical outcomes. Before every procedure, he carefully plans the needs for the surgical staff and ensures each procedure is patient specific. Dr. Patel is extremely organized, methodical, and thorough. He also takes the necessary time to build a good rapport with not only his patients but staff and colleagues.

Qamar H

Patel Plastic Surgery is independently owned business in the heart of East Cobb. Dr Patel and his wife Erica are very patient, kind and friendly. Dr Patel is also an amazing career mentor to my children who are interested in Medical field and Iam grateful for the knowledge and advice that he shares to them.Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a Mentor to my Children. I can confidently say they wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as they have these past months without Dr Patel’s constant feedback/support/guidance/mentorship. I’m so grateful for advice and experience they had from Dr Patel and a great support from his wife practice manager Erica. Dr Patel is caring, emphathetic and the best plastic surgeon in EAST COBB!!!!

Tommie Ramsey

I had a double mastectomy in August 2021 and I’m very thankful to have found Dr. Patel for the reconstruction of my breasts. He is a gifted surgeon and explained the procedures so there were no surprises. He didn’t always sit behind the desk and talk to me. Rather he’d sit in the chair right in front me, look me right in the eyes and talk to me as to me as if I were a dear, close friend of his. He was very passionate about my reconstruction and what was best for me.

After the 1st surgery, I had a couple of ‘fainting’ episodes during recovery which they have attributed to the anesthesia. This was a few hours after the surgery and Dr. Patel was at home with his family. Being the compassionate guy he is, he came back to the hospital when they called and told him what had happened. He again was back at the hospital by 8:00 the next morning to see how I was doing and to discharge me. Upon discharge from my 2nd surgery, the nurse commented that she had never read such detailed discharge papers. He even gave me his home number and cell numbers for he and his wife Erica who is the office manager. Erica actually completes the ‘Patel’ experience. She was always pleasant and available to answer any questions or concerns I had before and after surgery.

I’m 7 weeks post-opt from my final reconstruction surgery and feel great! Dr. Patel made the incision vertical instead of the typical horizontal incision associated with a mastectomy. He was also able to put my implants over the muscle so it looks like I’ve had a breast lift. I highly recommend Patel Plastic Surgery!

Fareena Hisamuddin

Dr. Patel is a wonderful mentor, and I have learned so much about medicine and running a business from him. Dr. Patel and his wife/practice manager, Erica, make an efficient team that is professional, friendly, caring towards their patients. From shadowing Dr. Patel, it is clear that he takes his time with his patients, whether he is preparing for a visit or following up after a surgery, to make sure they are comfortable and receiving the best care.

Bipin Patel

Pleasure to write review on PPS having personally visited Dr Nirav Patel. He is well mannered and liked by his patients, peers and subordinates. He has impeccable credentials with training in plastic surgery and excellent bedside manners. He accepts all comers regardless of age, gender or race who need his expertise.

Writer is Board certified in general surgery and colon rectal surgery, born in Uganda with basic education in India and US.

Jo-Cole Duncan

I really appreciated both the competence and kindness I experienced with Patel Plastic Surgery. Dr. Patel made me feel comfortable from the first appointment and the procedure to remove a lesion went very smoothly. Both he and Erica were so professional, helpful and kind – being sensitive to my anxiety about the test results from the lesion (all good there.) Dr. Patel did a great job in both removing the lesion and leaving behind no trace of the procedure. I highly recommend him for all these reasons.

Rahul Prasad

Dr. Patel stitched up my fingers after a kitchen knife accident. He was professional, communicative, and offered great care. Would highly recommend.