Breast Procedures Atlanta

Change the size and shape of your breasts and increase your self-confidence

Give your breasts a more balanced, symmetrical look

Dr. Patel has a deep understanding of breast anatomy and will help you reverse the effects of time to boost your self-esteem. Our breast surgeries are safe and will give you the results you are seeking.

Breast Augmentation

Enhance the contour, size, and overall appearance of your breasts

Breast Lift

Restore the appearance of your breasts for a more youthful look

Breast Reduction

Remove excess breast fat and tissue and feel comfortable with your body again

Breast Reconstruction

Regain your confidence with reconstructed breasts that fit your body naturally

Trust your beauty to a highly skilled, Board-Certified plastic surgeon

Patel Plastic Surgery offers a full range of aesthetic-enhancing procedures in a safe, caring, and comfortable environment. Our goal is to deliver the best surgical experience using the most advanced techniques and technology to ensure you achieve your desired results.