Liam and Jacobs Madden
I have to say when I first found out I had to have a double mastectomy it was scary but after going through all of it I had the best surgeon ever he took very good care of me and always eased my concerns which were not many thankful for him and his sweet wife for all that they have done for me and very pleased with the outcome thank you Dr. Patel and Erica. Best surgeon ever.
Chris S.
I had a Mohs procedure done to my right ear. The wound was too big for the dermatologist to repair, so last minute at the end of the day Dr. Patel was able to get me in to do a skin graft. He was great at explaining the procedure. One year later my ear looks great and I continue to see him for other treatments.
Pamela Fry
Dr. Patel removed a lipoma from my shoulder recently, and I highly recommend him! He followed up that evening to make sure I was doing well. When he couldn’t reach me, he called my husband also. He is very personable every step of the way, and his wife is so efficient in assisting him and running their office. They made a scary and dreaded experience turn out to be quite pleasant :} If I ever have a need for plastic surgery again, without a doubt will be at with them!
Tommie Ramsey

I had a double mastectomy in August 2021 and I’m very thankful to have found Dr. Patel for the reconstruction of my breasts. He is a gifted surgeon and explained the procedures so there were no surprises. He didn’t always sit behind the desk and talk to me. Rather he’d sit in the chair right in front me, look me right in the eyes and talk to me as to me as if I were a dear, close friend of his. He was very passionate about my reconstruction and what was best for me.

After the 1st surgery, I had a couple of ‘fainting’ episodes during recovery which they have attributed to the anesthesia. This was a few hours after the surgery and Dr. Patel was at home with his family. Being the compassionate guy he is, he came back to the hospital when they called and told him what had happened. He again was back at the hospital by 8:00 the next morning to see how I was doing and to discharge me. Upon discharge from my 2nd surgery, the nurse commented that she had never read such detailed discharge papers. He even gave me his home number and cell numbers for he and his wife Erica who is the office manager. Erica actually completes the ‘Patel’ experience. She was always pleasant and available to answer any questions or concerns I had before and after surgery.

I’m 7 weeks post-opt from my final reconstruction surgery and feel great! Dr. Patel made the incision vertical instead of the typical horizontal incision associated with a mastectomy. He was also able to put my implants over the muscle so it looks like I’ve had a breast lift. I highly recommend Patel Plastic Surgery!

Kathy Foley
Excellent experience-office staff is pleasant and efficient. Dr Patel begins with a consultation; he asked my concerns, examined me, then provided his recommendations. He answered all of my questions. No pressure at all! His staff reviewed the costs with me. Dr Patel is very knowledgeable-he explained step by step what he was doing and why. I highly recommend this practice.
Meghan Thurmond

 I first met Dr. Patel in 2019, when he was at his previous practice in Marietta. I was really nervous about getting plastic surgery. I knew that physically, mentally and emotionally I needed the surgery, but I was really nervous. From the time I was in middle school, I was the one with the largest breasts. I was in constant pain and was always made fun of. As I got older, had a child, weight loss issues, my breast size never changed and the pain got worse. I could never go without wearing a bra and it always so uncomfortable.
My self-esteem was so low, I barely wanted to go anywhere, especially during the summer months, because I wouldn’t be able to just wear a bralette and a cute top without looking like a crazy person. No matter what I wore, my breasts were the first thing you would notice about me. Once I met with Dr. Patel, and we were able to figure out all of the financial stuff, He had me at ease and I knew I would be in great hands! I had just recently got engaged and my wedding date was in November 2020. My surgery was set for February 2020, just before the Pandemic was announced in the US. I had a tougher recovery because of the shut down. During the shut down, Dr. Patel kept in touch with me through text and phone calls to make sure I was doing ok. I had a great support system. My wedding went off without a hitch (surprisingly, despite the pandemic), and I felt amazing in my dress! The best part was that I didn’t have to wear a bra!
It is a rare thing to need a second surgery but I was one of the lucky ones that did. Once it became apparent that I would need a second procedure, Dr. Patel was now at his own practice and was there for me once again! He made sure I had everything I needed and made the second surgery go as smooth as the first one. I just had my last post-op last week and although I am happy to be done with the process, I will miss getting to visit with him and his lovely wife who works with him too!

Bryce Benefield
I’ll try to keep this brief. Dr. Patel and his wife Erika run an AMAZING practice. I was referred to him after a near fatal car accident. I Sustained a 4.5 inch laceration to my face, and a fractured bone in my left orbital socket. They worked with me, as I am uninsured, to make sure that my proper care was first priority. He explained everything I needed to know, plus the underlying mechanisms of my physiology, better than any medical professional I’ve ever worked with. He didn’t try to upsell me on unnecessary products or procedures. He spent time personally cleaning my wound, giving me a sense of confidence as I returned home to my recovery. I’m being complimented on my progress left and right. If you have plastic surgery needs, Dr. Patel should be your physician of choice.
Jo-Cole Duncan

I really appreciated both the competence and kindness I experienced with Patel Plastic Surgery. Dr. Patel made me feel comfortable from the first appointment and the procedure to remove a lesion went very smoothly. Both he and Erica were so professional, helpful and kind – being sensitive to my anxiety about the test results from the lesion (all good there.) Dr. Patel did a great job in both removing the lesion and leaving behind no trace of the procedure. I highly recommend him for all these reasons.

Beth McCue
I highly recommend Dr Patel and his staff too. They were very friendly and easy to talk to. I had 2 earlobes repaired by Dr Patel and he explained every step of the surgery so that I knew exactly what was happening next! He numbed the area very well.
I think the type of stitches he used were mainly so that it healed well, it was perfect!! A special cream to put on each day after stitches was included and it will prevent any scarring. 
I think Dr Patel is an excellent surgeon who also has an excellent “Bedside Manner” !!!!!!
Randall Pearson
I wanted to thank you in writing for your skillful removal of my cysts and taking the precaution of sending them out for any signs of cancer. My wife can vouch for there being no trace of them left to see and I am thrilled since there is no trace of them left to feel. I am truly grateful to have them gone. You made the whole process so easy and informative it started me thinking of other things I’d like to do to take some of the age out of getting older. (It’s given my wife some ideas too.)
Donald Platzer

For over 2 years, I have had a wound that would never close. No matter what I or my wound care team would do it would not close.. I saw several plastic surgeons, most did not want to do anything. Then I was blessed to find Dr. Patel. and he agreed to try and help. Which I am truly grateful to him and his staff. From the very beginning he has treated me the utmost respect. In fact, Dr. Patel and his staff are some of the most professional, caring and compassionate people I have met in all my years. My surgery happened without issue thanks to Dr. Patel’s tremendous talents. Now, I am well on the road to recovery and getting back to my normal way of life. I will certainly be recommending Dr. Patel to any of my family or friends who may need plastic surgery.Whatever the reason you may need plastic surgery, you cannot go wrong with visiting Dr. Patel he is one of the best plastic surgeons I have ever used and it is very hard to find a doctor that cares as much as him and his team.

Burnetta Griffin

We couldn’t be more pleased when it came to Dr. Patel and his staff taking care of my son’s needs. The smile on my son’s face afterwards was priceless!

Ebony Connor

What can I say about Dr Patel and Patel Plastic Surgery – if you are in need of surgery either for sensitive medical treatment like cancer related needs or for any personal cosmetic needs, this i where you want to go!

Professional, Highly Skilled and Thorough, Compassionate and motivated to ensure each individual patient feels absolutely cared for.

Dr. Patel, Erica the Office Manager and staff went above and beyond for me and my family care team. Dr. Patel is also mentoring the next generation of Surgeons to continue these high standards of care, creating a real legacy.

Give them a call, set up a consultation, you won’t regret it.

I Thank you Patel Plastic Surgery, my whole family thanks you. Wishing you and yours all the best.

Brandon Lane

I had a Sebaceous cyst taken out of my right thigh and Dr. Patel did an awesome job, I felt very comfortable the whole time from start to finish. They took care of me like family.

Andy Lee

Very knowledgeable and relatable. Dr Patel did my surgery to remove a growth quickly. Everyone there was nice and will welcome you with open arms.

Greg Bunting

When I sliced open my finger last year, Dr Patel gave me wound care advice after determining my finger did not need suturing. I appreciated his honesty about my situation and the extra time he took to explain how to care for my injury. I would highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for a plastic surgeon who will go the extra mile even with something minor.

Leah Kent
I highly recommend Patel Plastic Surgery! Dr. Patel did an outstanding job with my Botox treatment. I wanted a natural look and he gave me exactly what I was looking for. He asked many questions to ensure that I had the best results. He also recommended several face creams to use as part of my daily routine to keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh. I’m looking forward to my next visit and other services Dr. Patel and his team can recommend for me.
Reid Lawson

Dr Patel has been taking care of an open wound to my wife’s back. This wound was caused by orthopedic metal rods in her back that came through her skin. Dr Patel went above and beyond, by coming to Northside Cherokee every day, 7 days a week to change her dressings and check on my wife for 6-8 weeks! I would recommend Dr Patel for any surgery or treatment with 100% confidence that he would treat all his patients with the same courtesy and expertise.

Kelly Bunting
I have had Botox several times from different plastic surgeons over the years. Dr. Patel is fantastic. He was thorough with his questions to find exactly what kind of results I was looking to accomplish. Dr. Patel had suggestions for my eye area, which I appreciated. His injections were quick with minimal discomfort. I enjoyed the whole experience. His staff is just delightful. Warm and engaging. I felt so comfortable. I will definitely use him again and look forward to what other little fixes I can use!!!
Vince Shah

I got a skin contusion/mole removed…. Great experience…staff is friendly and engaging…. Dr. Patel is knowledgeable and clear on expectations and follow-up…. one of my expectation of doctors offices is punctuality and I never had to wait…. that’s the reason for the appointment

Laura Davidson
I had a great experience with Dr. Patel and his staff. He is knowledgeable, skilled and very personable. I didn’t feel pressured to do anything more than what I had asked for and he was very honest with his recommendations for me. I highly recommend his practice!
Judy Davis
I highly recommend Dr. Patel for your plastic surgery. He recently did a breast scar revision surgery for me and I am so pleased with the outcome and care I received. He was attentive to my questions, even giving me his personal contact information when he was out of town following my surgery. His staff is also very caring and professional and I will refer any of my friends to this practice.
Jessica Andrade
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Patel and his staff. I went to him for a mommy makeover consultation and he noticed a cyst that has been bugging me since High School. No other doctor ever thought it was a big deal and none would remove it even though it bothered me. Dr. Patel removed the cyst right there in his office! I also got Botox and facial fillers for the first time and I am loving the results! I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Patel enthusiastically! If I could give more than 5 stars, I definitely would!
Heather Miller

Dr. Nirav Patel and his team are truly exceptional! The level of patient care and dedication to personalizing your experience is superior at this practice. Dr. Nirav Patel guides you through the process, ensuring you are comfortable, and he is extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking to enhance their beauty and boost their confidence.

Andrea Castle
Dr. Patel does a fantastic job listening and discussing options.   I saw him for a deep cut on my chin that required stitches.  He sewed it up right away and I didn’t even have to go to the emergency room.  He did an amazing job sewing it and I have no scarring.  He followed up afterwards to check on me and also recommended a great scar treatment cream to ensure there would be no permanent mark.
April Peters

Dr Patel was one of the best doctors I’ve ever had! He is genuine and down to earth in his approach to relationships with his patients. I had a massive Lipoma on my back for 10 yrs. and was terrified of the surgery for no reason. The surgery was not complicated, and scarring was minimal for such a large area with removal. If you have any size Lipoma, please get it removed and choose his practice for quality service. 

Asha Gomez

I don’t usually write reviews on physicians but I’m compelled to write a note on Dr. Nirav Patel. How can I accurately describe the level of confidence and comfort I felt under Dr. Patel’s care. His pleasant- easy- going manner put me at ease from the first consultation. After evaluating several surgeons, his fierce intellligence combined with his years of experience made me feel like I was in the best hands. Erica, Dr. Patel’s office manager was a pleasure to work with- super knowledgeable and professional- she complements Dr. Patel’s demeanor and wraps up the office loose ends with a bow. What was most amazing was how well he explained every aspect of the procedure and prepared me for the surgery- and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how responsive and available Dr. Patel was post op. And the results: amazing! You won’t regret your decision going with this doctor.


Dr. Patel and his wife Erica went above and beyond for my boyfriend! They were very accommodating and helpful! They made sure I knew exactly what needed to be done on each of our visits! Totally recommend!!!